Five things to consider when buying fractional ownership

Fractional Ownership has long afforded property buyers the opportunity to own holiday homes in luxurious resorts – at a fraction of the cost!

As the attractive prospect of matching financial outlay with actual property usage continues to grow in popularity we have compiled 5 things you should consider when buying Fractional Ownership:


1. Location, location, location

As with any other type of real estate purchase, location is a key consideration when buying Fractional Ownership. In the Caribbean, everyone’s dream is to own a home right on the beach. However, you should also consider the location’s on-site amenitiesi.e. pools, restaurants, fitness facilities, spa etc.

2. Value for Money

Compare the purchase price as well as the ongoing maintenance fees with other local offerings. Evaluate the sales process as well – it should be simple and easy to follow.

3. Flexibility of Use

Many Fractional Ownership resorts offer the ability to exchange weeks to other resorts. This allows the owner to experience many different types of vacations – from skiing to golfing – using their home resort as a base. The #1 rating in both The Registry Collection® and RCI®Points affords Fractional Owners exceptional vacation trading power – imagine, exchanging one week at The Crane for multiple weeks anywhere in the world! 

4. Reputation & Security

Do your research to ensure that you can place your confidence in the company that you are buying from. Crane Resorts, developer of The Crane Resort and Beach Houses, is a pioneer of Fractional Ownership in Barbados, with over two decades experience in selling luxury real estate.

5. Return on Investment

Is there a rental programme in place? You should have the ability to earn an income that can cover your expenses. The Crane allows Fractional Owners of four weeks or more, the opportunity to not pay their annual fees by depositing weeks they do not intend to use into the Rental Pool.